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Left Thug
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Art inspired by this f*cking street.

Handmade art by NoNegocio.

Thug NFT
Thug NFT
Thug NFT
Thug NFT
Thug NFT
Thug NFT

Thugz in the hood

The story

In 2032, blockchain technology has become widely adopted by the public after it is revealed that Snoop Dogg is actually the mysterious creator of blockchain, known as Satoshi Nakamoto.

As a result, three quarters of the world's population now owns at least one cryptocurrency. On May 11, 2031, 50 years after the death of Bob Marley, the government legalizes cannabis and establishes a state-owned monopoly to manage its production and sale.

However, the cannabis industry is no longer as profitable as it once was. In response, criminal organizations, known as Thugz, begin opening illegal CBD stores all over the world. These stores are sources of income for the Thugz, who engage in fierce competition and violence to protect and expand their businesses.

At night, they engage in the trade of "shitcoin," a low-value cryptocurrency, for more valuable ones in an attempt to "hit the moon" and become rich.

As the government fails to address internet crime and provide justice, crypto influencers decide to take matters into their own hands and fight against the Thugz for control of their neighborhoods.

Thug NFT